What I Did For Love (2006)

A big city attorney doesn’t know what he’s in for when his fiance brings him back to her small hometown of Pine Gap to meet her family during the holidays.

Angel In the Family (2004)

Sarah Bishop and her estranged sister Beth are reunited after their father Buddy suffers a mild stroke. Buddy, who’s never accepted the loss of his wife Lorraine, wants only one thing-to return home for Christmas.

A Christmas Visitor (2002)

A grieving family, who have not celebrated Christmas in 11 years since the death of their son on Christmas Eve 1991, renew their faith in the joyful season. When a young hitchhiker turns up and spends the holiday with them, he brings some extraordinary surprises to the family, helping them to make this the most exquisite celebration of their lives.

A Magic Christmas (2014)

Jack Carter, a modest, middle-aged bakery owner has found himself and his family in a rut. For the upcoming Christmas holiday, Jack has the brilliant idea to reconnect with his family while also trying to spark his desired career in writing by going on a Christmas vacation to a cabin resort in the mountains without any technological distractions no phones, iPads, etc., and embark on their trip to have the best Christmas vacation ever.

Home By Christmas (2006)

After Julie leaves her cheating husband, she ends up destitute and living in her car and must fight to rebuild her life.

An Accidental Christmas (2007)

Cupid is working overtime this Christmas. Meet Jason and Vicky Wright, a separated couple. Their children refuse to accept the split and try to rekindle the romance.

A Christmas Eve Miracle (2015)

A loving mother is obsessed with getting a huge promotion at work. When she is forced to take a family vacation at Christmas, Kris Kringle show her what life would be like if she’d never had kids.

Chasing Christmas (2005)

When grumpy Jack refuses to celebrate Christmas, the Bureau for Yuletide Affairs sends the ghosts of Christmas past to change his mind. Things get complicated when one of the ghosts takes him back to Christmas circa 1965 and refuses to leave, forcing Jack to chase Christmas back through time to get home.

Crazy for Christmas (2005)

On Christmas Eve, Shannon McManus is stuck driving around a wealthy and eccentric client who is giving away large sums of money with the secret hope of reuniting with his long lost daughter.