A Christmas Kiss (2011)

TitleA Christmas Kiss

Year of Release: 2011
Available On: Netflix (as of 11/15)
Score: Four out of five Jingle Bells


Instead of an evil stepmother, in this fairy tale, there is an evil boss. Elizabeth Rohm as Priscilla Hall is cold, manipulative, and beautiful. Oooh, what a conniving, steamrolling, fake-ass bitch. She’s the character you love to hate.

Priscilla: What on earth gave you the idea that Adam would ever like such a thing?
Wendy: His first edition of The Christmas Carol.
Priscilla: Well, I own Wuthering Heights. It doesn’t mean I want to live near a swamp.

Our hero, Wendy Walton (Laura Breckenridge) is a little too sweet and nice, but ultimately I was rooting for her. Naturally, the love story happens lightning fast and unrealistically, but hey, this is the movies. Brendan Fehr as Adam Hughes, the love interest in this triangle, reminds us all immediately why we watched that horrific show Roswell in the oughts. Because he’s cute, that’s why! And there’s something wholesome and endearing about the character of Adam in this movie. He’s sort of a dunce, but most of the men I know can be dunces from time to time. He at least gives a shit about our heroine, even when she’s nothing but “the help” to his high-powered girlfriend.

The production in this film is high, the acting (for a holiday movie) is actually pretty good too. It’s a good enough movie that I watched it again this year after enjoying it last year.

What else do you need to know? Not much. This is a solid romantic holiday movie. It’s not going to change your life and you aren’t going to cry, and that’s ok sometimes. I still really, really like it.

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