Christmas Crush (2012)

TitleChristmas Crush
Year of Release: 2012
Available On: Netflix (as of 11/15, also 2014)
Rating: Three out of five Jingle Bells



[two guys take sips of fancy cocktail drinks]
What is that, rhubarb? –Craig
I have no idea what that is, dude. –Other Meathead

Thank goodness for Lifetime movies. Thank goodness for Sunny Mabrey and Harry Hamlin and Jonathan Bennett. Thank goodness for camp. I know I shouldn’t like this movie as much as I do, but I do! Ok, I do!

Don’t watch this movie for the love story, watch it for the ridiculous dances, the physical humor, and to make fun of Georgia Hunt (Rachel Boston) who is reaaaally immature but somehow still likable. Or at least not hate-able. Georgia has retroactively applied an irritating sheen to her high school life because she’s feeling dissatisfied with her current world – something I can’t relate to in the least, but ok – and is trying to reconcile those feelings at her high school reunion. Not the best place for working through things and hilarity ensues. Georgia was friends with the mean girls, but was herself actually pretty nice, so it’s all the more baffling that she’s mooning over a guy she dumped for legitimate reasons 10-years ago and walking all over her best friend who obviously loves her.

The moment when Ben stands up for himself and tells Georgia that she can’t be trusted with his heart is golden. I think I clapped out loud. Of course, he forgives her nanoseconds later. But good job, Ben, you stood up for yourself for that one small moment.

My favorite is Mr. Taylor because he’s a babe and I like a bowtie.


Again: there are multiple song and dance routines in this film. I give them a 4/5 on their own, but I can’t forgive Georgia enough to give the whole movie that review.

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