The Christmas Card (2006)

TitleThe Christmas Card
Year of Release: 2006
Available On: Netflix (as of 11/15)
Score: Two out of five Jingle Bells.


Lots of church-y stuff in this one throughout, including a scene in an actual church and (non-plot related) prayers before eating. At least the scene in the church is a plot point. The war in Afghanistan plays a role in the plot and the main male character, Cody Cullen (John Newton), is in the Army. There’s a lot of pro-military rhetoric. “My dad died in Vietnam,” Cody himself believes that’s why he joined the Army. You’ll recognize the patriarchal figure as acted by Ed Asner. The only thing anyone drinks is hot chocolate! (I actually don’t have a problem with that.) The Christmas Card employs the common “blue collar vs. white collar” trope; give you one guess who wins after I tell you that the heroine’s parents own a logging mill?

“We pretty much do all things wood,” says Asner about the family logging mill, not making a joke whatsoever. Asner continues to be a meddling father throughout, which I find irritating even if it’s good-natured and his character, Luke, is generally v. endearing. He’s kind of the only reason to watch this movie, as Cody seems incapable of moving his face into, y’know, those expression type things that denote emotions. Or maybe he’s just playing the implacable Army dude? All I’m saying is his face doesn’t move except when he’s talking.


Not to ruin the story, but there’s some kissing while someone is in a relationship and that isnot very Christian. “It was just a brief lapse in judgement,” says her mom. “I’m not sure it was, Mom,” says Faith.

For a rich guy, the ring is pretty small. They kiss like literal children. Or like this:


The production is medium-high. The acting is medium-low. The love story is also medium-low, but not un-watchable.

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