A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

TitleA Very Murray Christmas
Year of Release: 2015
Available On: Netflix (as of 12/15)
Rating: Five out of five Jingle Bells

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“God bless Netflix for doing things like this.” –My “bah humbug” husband.

So you KNOW this shit is good if my scrooge-ass partner likes it. There are so many things I loved about A Very Murray Christmas, but here are a few that stick out:

1. It’s completely un-ironic. I’m so sick of irony. Can’t we just love things unabashedly anymore?
2. I love every actor and actress in this thing. Clooney, Poehler, Maya Rudolf, Rashida Jones, David Johansen… They are all amazing.
3. Paul Shaffer’s music direction is flawless. It’s beautifully done but folks who are pro singers (Miley) and non-singers (Murrary) alike. It’s polished, but not fake. It makes you want to sing along!
4. It’s the perfect length, at just under an hour.
5. It’s funny, but also a tad sentimental. It’s not too much of any one thing, but a lovely blend of hilarity, nostalgia, cabaret, and lovey-dovey-ness.

Image result for a very murray christmas

Image result for a very murray christmas

There’s no real plot. You should know that going in. This is a “variety show” type of film wherein we follow Bill Murray, playing a version of himself, as he faces a blizzard that almost mercifully ruins a live Christmas show in which he stars. He gets snowed in with a bunch of strangers and there’s a lot of singing. But great singing! Great piano, great instrumentation, fun and inventive singers. I felt like I was hanging out with old friends. Google this shit for pictures; it’s campy and fun and really lives it up. I can’t say enough good things; I’ve already watched it twice. And I’ll probably watch it again!

*Note: I now watch this movie on at least a yearly basis.

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