Christmas Bounty (2013)

TitleChristmas Bounty
Year of Release: 2013
Available On: Netflix (as of 11/15)
Rating: Four out of five Jingle Bells


This movie is produced in part by a professional wrestling federation! I can’t remember if it’s WWE or what, but I want to say that’s the one. As such, I was prepared not to like this one. I’m not a fan of professional wrestling. It’s not my thing. But this movie has more going on than that. Not much more, but more. Like an old flame, a big secret, a hilariously white trash Jersey family, physical comedy and physical action, some mafioso fun, a car wreck… A tinge of holiday feelings to top off the sundae of weird, B-movie fun.

Daddeeee, you’re so romanic. –Tory Bell

So many Jersey Girl jokes. They crammed them all into this one movie, and they did it with love. Throw in an improbable ending and you’ve got a shitty, feel-good holiday movie.

It’s so bad it’s good. Just revel in it. Maybe it’s because I was born in New Jersey, but I really have a soft spot for this one.

ZERO religious stuff. Zero. That helps.

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