Christmas In Wonderland (2007)

TitleChristmas In Wonderland
Year of Release: 2007
Available On: Amazon Prime (as of 12/2015)
Rating: 4 out of 5 Jingle Bells

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This movie stars a lot of people that I like. It starts out with a little girl who has feelings about Santa – as we all did at some point. This gal, however, starts chiseling tiles out of her family’s decorative “fireplace” so that Santa can get in. They’ve just moved to Edmonton, Alberta, from Los Angeles, and the family is reeling a little bit… As you’d expect. The teen is a whinger. This is gonna be the worst Christmas of my life! Yeah, kid. Your whole 16 years. The middle kid is following the older kid’s lead, and the poor little gal is struggling to make everyone happy.

I miss Patrick Swayze.

This is not Carmen Electra’s best film. Or maybe it is, but they’re all really bad. She looks good though, as usual. She’s amusing as the “bad guy,” but not much of an actress. Sorry, sweets!

Chris Kattan… So much funnier on SNL than in any of his movies.

Tim Curry, living legend, actual angel who I love and would watch in almost any movie.

In this movie, two kids find a bundle of counterfeit Canadian money, spend it all, and then try to give the rest to their father who has lost his job before even beginning work. Santa helps the family get through the holiday with his magic, mom finds a way to get to Canadia from LA by the skin of her teeth, and you knowwwww. There’s some really terrifically bad animation in the middle. You should know that going in, it’s pretty fucking bad. Everything turns out alright though and you’ll get over the animation. It’s a solid movie.

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