A Christmas Star (2016)

Title: A Christmas Star
Year of Release: 2016
Available On: Netflix, October 2017
Rating: 5 out of 5 Jingle Bells

Image result for a christmas star

This movie has everything I love in a holiday movie! First of all, Liam Neeson is the narrator. So immediately, we start off on the right foot. Pierce Brosnan and Kylie Minogue also have supporting roles. James Stockdale, who plays the absolutely perfect BFF Spud-bob, is charming and a good actor, as well as a fair bit of the comic relief of the movie with lines like this:

I better go home – my mum is making sausage rolls and spaghetti hoops.

Did I mention that everything is in an Irish accent? I have no idea if any of these are good Irish accents, but I like them nonetheless. It appears they used a fair number of local actors, too, which is nice. For some reason, the only character who doesn’t have an Irish (or even UK) accent is the bad guy, McKerrod, played by Robert James-Collier, who is supposed to be from their little town of Potters Glen? No idea why he doesn’t have an accent, maybe he was trying to assimilate to America – but then his boss is played by Brosnan, who still has his accent. This and other little blips are why this movie is down .5 jingle bells. But Noelle, born on Christmas Day, has spunk and a beauty and a charmingness to her that is real and wonderful and fun to watch.

Everything else about this movie is stunning. The supporting cast is so dang good. The feels are very good feels. The production is 10/10. The plot is one you know: gentrification. These kids single-handedly fight gentrification! I love it. I love it so much. You can’t beat this. And it ends with a song. Watch it. Go watch it! Go, now.

You’ll cry at the end. C’mon.

More here.

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