Falling for Christmas (2016)

TitleFalling for Christmas (Apparently formerly called “A Snow Capped Christmas.”)
Year of Release: 2016
Available On: Amazon Prime, September 2017
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Jingle Bells

Image result for a snow capped Christmas (2016)

Oooh, fresh meat. A new-ish movie! Claire (Leah Renee) is a figure skater very focused on succeeding at the next “Worlds.” She injures her ankle and goes up to the best rehab center available, which happens to be in a snowy town. Claire immediately meets Luke (Niall Matter), a local who gives her a tow to the rehab facility (more like a bed & breakfast, truth be told) and Claire apparently hurt her Achilles but is still going for runs? That’s not how physiology works I don’t think. Later she is on cross-country skis? Can’t be good for the tendons. Note: I am not a doctor.

Claire is not too smart. She ignores a “thin ice” sign to skate and before I even watch this part I can promise you that Luke will happen by to save her after she falls in – not before he sees her skate beautifully though, I am guessing.

…And what do you know, that’s kind of what happens! Except the only part of her that goes in is one skate and before you know it Luke has scooped her up into his arms. Duh dot com. Luke takes Claire to his house, where she sits in front of the fire while he gets her some dry clothes and his daughter, Chamonix (Sha-moe-nee, played by Gracyn Shinyei), recognizes Claire and is apparently a fan. So his kid likes her and she is stuck there for awhile just before the holidays in a high stress time of her life? Uncle Lou (Lochlyn Munro), meanwhile, seems to have hit it off with Claire’s mom, Dale (Lisa Whelchel). Of course! Sounds like love is in the air, folks. Christmas love. The best kind.

There’s a little singing mid-way, which y’all know that I love if you’ve been here awhile. I love it! – Unless it’s bad. This film is very Canadian and very nice. I don’t think I’ll need to watch it again; it won’t go into the regular rotation.

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