A Russell Peters Christmas (2011)

TitleA Russell Peters Christmas
Year of Release: 2011
Available On: Netflix, October 2017
Rating: 3 out of 5 Jingle Bells

Image result for a russell peters christmas

Any Christmas special that starts with dancers lip syncing poorly on rollerskates should be alright with me. I don’t know who Russell Peters is, but he starts off his show with some horrible comedy about how Asian immigrants talk, so…

I want to start by saying this is not a holiday special, or a non-denominational special. This is actually a Christmas special.

Ok, Russell. Like many Christmas variety shows, this one has its fair share of celebrity visitors, including Pamela AndersonMichael BubléJon Lovitz, and Goapele Mohlabane. Goapele is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in my life. And she has a great voice! She’s basically the best thing about this special though. Buble ain’t too shabby either.

The jokes are pretty silly and not LOL-silly, but roll your eyes silly. And there are plenty that are off-color or at the expense of someone else, so use your own judgment as to whether or not that’s something you like to watch. I found it pretty charming that Peters had his own mother and then one-year old daughter co-star in the special. One big pro: it’s short. Otherwise, I would skip this one.

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