Christmas Grace (2013)

Title: Christmas Grace
Year of Release: 2013
Available On: Amazon Prime (as of 06/2018)
Rating: Zero out of five Jingle Bells


I couldn’t finish this movie due to rampant holier-than-thou bullshit. I wouldn’t recommend it, but if by some chance you wanted to know the horror I experienced, you could take a looksee at this interview with the director.

It took me a few more years before I was fully surrendered to doing Christian films but God eventually got me there.

And beyond that, the acting is horrible. The dialogue is stiff. The story line is trite and uninviting. The production is pretty low-budget. It’s extremely preachy, and I can get down with that if it’s well done. This, however, is not well done. I don’t think these actors like one another, much less do they appear to feel in love or even loving towards one another. Is there something about being religious that makes you have terrible taste? I think Christian messaging is, well, not for me, but there’s really no reason I can come up with that Christians would be precluded from making a good movie.

Don’t watch this one… I mean, unless bad, preachy movies are your thing.

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