The Rooftop Christmas Tree (2016)

Title: The Rooftop Christmas Tree
Year of Release: 2016
Available On: Hulu as of 07/2018
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Jingle Bells

Image result for the rooftop christmas tree

Sarah (Michelle Morgan) is an idealistic attorney who is tired of “swimming with the sharks” in the big city. She moves back to her hometown at Christmas, having decided to open her own private practice there in order to return to her roots. Her neighbor, Mr. Landis (Tim Reid), puts a tree up on his roof every year – and every year, he gets arrested. For… something. I mean, I have no idea why it’s illegal to put a tree on top one’s own roof. Safety schmafety. Landis doesn’t care, however, he is going to keep doing his tree on the roof thing, come what may! And frankly, the town loves it. People come out in droves just to watch him put up his tree. Someone in this town is a giant grouchy Scrooge. Y’all don’t have anything better to do?

A list, because I feel like I haven’t done this in awhile:

  1. The actors who play Sarah’s parents (Alison Brooks and Peter Michael Dillon) are probably only 10-years older than Michelle Morgan, max. And it seems ridiculous. Michelle is my age, 37, and I swear Alison and Peter are in their 40’s. A couple of gray hairs do not “old people” make.
  2. This is a gentrification story! New people moved into the neighborhood, complained about Dale’s tree, and then he goes to jail. These new motherfuckers don’t know Dale, they judge him, GTFO if you can’t accept the folks who have been in the neighborhood for decades.
  3. John (Stephen Huszar), the deputy prosecutor and love interest, is smarmy as all hell… No one’s sure why he’s in their small town, but he irritates Sarah (and me) immediately.
    1. Huszar is cute, though, let’s not kid ourselves. He’s cute!
  4. Script has some tryna-be-flirty negging in it. John, John, John, John… you know you wanted more than to share the table. That’s bullshit.
  5. Tim Reid is a treasure.
  6. They went from hating each other to kissing on the lips extremely fast, omg.
  7. I hate when characters get jealous. It’s ridiculous… Like, y’all just met yesterday. How are you jealous of his little sister already?

John: I have faith in the law, not people. The law makes a lot more sense to me.

Ok, this isn’t the worst movie nor is it the best movie. For the genre, it’s actually decent. The production is good. The acting is better than most. The storyline is unique, reflects the common holiday movie theme of money vs. heart, and keeps one entertained throughout the duration.

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