An Accidental Christmas (2007)

TitleAn Accidental Christmas
Year of Release: 2007
Available On: Hulu as of 08/2018
Rating: 2 out of 5 Jingle Bells

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Sorry for the German – I was unable to locate one that was in English and crisp / high quality. I chose foreign language over blur.

Vicky (Cynthia Gibband Jason (David Millbern) are going through a contentious divorce. Jason is a workaholic lawyer who is clueless as to why his wife is unhappy, Vicky is an ignored housewife who feels, well, ignored. They’re trying to figure out how to have the best Christmas for their kids, but it’s clear that it won’t be an easy holiday for any of them. The kids are old enough to wonder what’s going on, and though they’re not happy about it, they’re remarkably well-adjusted about it. Considering. And kudos to Vicky for being open and honest with their teenage daughter, Melissa (Alison Woods).

Vicky: For the first time in ages, I don’t feel like I’m a piece of furniture as people go about their lives.

You can’t blame her for wanting out of her marriage if that’s how she’s been feeling. Communication, people! Communication. It’s more than just talking, it’s also listening. It’s clear that these two people haven’t been doing a lot of that together.

This movie is a Christmas time remake of The Parent Trap. The kids conspire to get their whole family together down at their beach house which holds a lot of memories for them – and their parents. Instead of a potential step-mom, in this movie there’s Miles – mom’s boss who has always had a thing for her. The setting is idyllic and the intentions are good, but is their parents’ relationship too far gone to save? They realize pretty quickly that they’ve been set up and they aren’t here for it. Jason is a shitty husband who thinks that if he makes dinner once or twice, or buys a ring, he can make up for the fact that he’s been totally wrapped up in himself and his own priorities for years. He’s really trying, but trying for one week ain’t gonna cut it. I wanted to tell Vicky not to fall for it. The end of this movie is basically a diamond commercial and that’s just… stupid. These people don’t belong together! Do you honestly think he’s going to change his behavior, Vicky?!? (Answer: no.)

Lemme say, David Millbern, a.k.a. Dad, has a nice bod. And not just for a dad! And crystal blue eyes. Though it looks like he’s wearing quite a bit of eyeliner? Like, stage makeup as opposed to film. He’s not the best actor on the planet, but I was surprised by the bod nonetheless. Stay tuned for Rico, as played by James Hong, a la Rush HourKung Fu Panda, etc.

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