Snowglobe (2007)

Title: Snowglobe
Year of Release: 2007
Available On: Hulu as of 12/18
Rating: 5 out of 5 Jingle Bells

I cannot believe I never reviewed this movie here! It’s one of my very favorites since I started this blog, but when you watch as many as I do (and sometimes drink wine while you’re doing it), at times you don’t scratch out a comprehensible review. My bad, y’all. I have been keeping this one a secret.

Angela is sick of her complicated family life. They all live in the same building, work together, and frankly, have poor boundaries. There’s a lot of love, but a lot of expectation, too. Since her family owns the building – also sidenote: if her family owns this fancy ass building, they can’t be struggling too bad, amirite – they keep putting single guys into the one studio apartment down the hall, hoping Angela will hit it off with one of them and start making grandbabies like her sister. Angela longs for simpler, more festive holiday, one where the gifts are perfectly wrapped and there’s a goose on the table. Instead, her family has Christmas lasagna.

Things change when a magical snowglobe shows up in the mail and transports Angela to the beautiful Christmas village pictured in the globe. She hits it off with Douglas, a resident in the village, and starts spending a lot of time there, neglecting her relationships in the real world. Mayhem begins when she finds she has a connection with one of those neighbors her family was trying to fix her up with… and then Douglas shows upĀ outside the snowglobe. Too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak.

Through it all, Angela realizes that maybe what she’s craving isn’t perfection – but connection. And she already had that with her amazing, if challenging family. Add to that the burgeoning good feels with Eddie, and Angela has a hard choice on her hands. Stay in the village, where everything is always Just Right, or stay in the world, where things are messy but very real? GUESS WHICH SHE DOES.

Note: not to be confused with A Snowglobe Christmas, which also stars Christina Milian. It was so good, she did it again in 2013. What can I say, I’m not her agent. Yes, they are basically the same movie. This one does not have Donald Faison.

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