Christmas with a Prince (2018)

TitleChristmas with a Prince
Year of Release: 2018
Available On: Amazon Prime as of 6/20
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Jingle Bells Christmas with a Prince: Justin Dyck: Movies & TV

Prince Dodo Bird Alexander (Nick Hounslow) injured himself in a skiing accident and needs medical attention. Dr. Tasha (Kaitlyn Leeb) works in the pediatric unit and her brother (Josh Dean) requests that she house Alexander in her ward while he convalesces. When there’s a budget cut, Dr. Tasha reconsiders her initial “no” — in exchange for a sizable donation. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Dr. Tasha reconsiders with some pressure from her boss.

One of my favesies from The Nanny, Charles Shaughnessy, plays the Prince’s father, King Edward.

As far as plot lines go, this one isn’t the actual worst. It’s the good old “formerly selfish prince has to prove that he is reformed into a good enough person to be King… and fall in love.” I am not a big fan of Houndslow. I don’t know what his deal is — he’s not the best actor of the bunch. Leeb is reliable. She’s not going to astound you but she doesn’t take you out of the story.

That’s nothing. The boy needed his mom… and I have a helicopter.

– Prince Alex

Ugh, I hate this shit. I hate the moralistic, paternalistic “not all monarchists are trash” stuff. I’m heartened only by monarchs who abdicate their thrones. Also this clearly traumatized doctor needs more than a Prince’s strong chest to cry into — she needs therapy! She needs a support group!

Possibly the worst “I was too young before, but now I’m interested in you” speech. Especially considering he has a fiance. That he didn’t tell Tash about. That fucker. Euro trash dillhole. That entire plot point was resolved in the span of four minutes. How is that possible? Why did the fiance show up in the first place?

The “dancing with all the cancer patients” part was cringe-worthy beyond belief.

Apparently there is a sequel?

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