Christmas At Graceland: Home for the Holidays (2019)

TitleChristmas At Graceland: Home for the Holidays
Year of Release: 2019
Available On: Hallmark Channel – Christmas In July
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Jingle Bells

About Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays | Christmas at ...

I got excited to see Sunny Mabrey — I love her TikTok. And her husband is Ethan Embry, not that that has anything to do with her but they are a very cute couple. Charming.

If nothing else, this has a cool setting. And yes, it appears to be the real Graceland. We all know that Elvis stole the music of Black and brown musicians, right? More importantly: I just had the shock of my life when Priscilla Presley walked on screen… She was extremely pale! And she has obviously had work done on her face but I kid you not that my jaw dropped at the pallor of her skin. I have seen lots of other images of her, and this was actually shocking. No me gusta nada. I hope she’s ok. Back to Elvis’ theft of Black and brown musicians’ work.

Oh, and I guess this movie. Anywhoozle.

Harper (Kaitlin Doubleday) is staying with her sister, Maggie, played by the aforementioned Sunny, and her family. Harper interviewed for a curator position at a local museum (based in London, however) — the job is a reach, but she’s been jet-setting around Europe working in various museums for years. She also used to be a tour guide at Graceland, and it’s there that she runs into Owen Reed (Adrian Grenier), who needs some help with his three kids because his au pair has gone home for awhile. Mr. Reed is a widower who has coped with loss by becoming increasingly regimented and scheduled. We are supposed to judge him for this, and no doubt Harper is going to reintroduce him to the idea of “going with the flow.” But, like, if your wife died and left you with three kids, you might cope by trying to control the world around you.

Look, man, this movie is not dregs, but Ruthless Reviews has a point:

What else is not important is that Memphis was conveyed as being covered with snow, the streets icy with mounds of plowed glaciers, and the school buses rolling merrily down the treacherous streets. Memphis has snow in December about once every 100 years; there are no snow plows, and schools close for a week if someone just dumps a cooler of ice out on their patio. In spite of their being snow everywhere, the skies are full of summer cumulus clouds, the oaks full of green leaves as are the crepe myrtles.

Goat, Ruthless Reviews

I wouldn’t read the rest of that article because it’s misogynistic bullshit.

Let it be known that Sunny Mabrey alone got this one a whole extra star.

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