A Bad Mom’s Christmas (2017)

Title: A Bad Mom’s Christmas
Year of Release: 2017
Available On: Roku Channel November 2021
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Jingle Bells

I know I don’t normally review blockbusters or big budget films with A-list stars… But fuck, I like this stupid movie! And I’m going to rewatch it and review it for my blog that no one reads. Everyone and their mother is in this movie, including Kenny G. The three main stars — Bell, Hahn, and Kunis — are among my faves, and they’re all phenomenal in this. They have a range of relationships with their mothers, their kids, their partners, all of which are highlighted and enhanced by the stressors of the holiday season.

Obviously Hahn and Sarandon are my favorite pair. They make no fucking sense, they’re totally irreverent, and I adore them. Apparently, Kathryn Hahn wrote a personal letter to Susan Sarandon, asking her to play her mother in the film. As per IMDB.

I hate Baranski’s character. She’s cruel, and focuses on the wrong things, and she bullies her daughter. I don’t care why she’s acting that way — that’s for her to figure out with her therapist, and if I am going to be a rich person’s therapist, I want a whole lot more money. $300/hour, minimum. I have more empathy for Kiki and Sandy. They don’t seem normal, but at least they’re nice to one another, if over-bearing.

And they’re good friends to one another, these three very different mothers with very different mothers of their own.

Kiki: Why am I responsible for getting presents for every single person in my family? Because I’m a girl? Why do I have to get presents for his mom?

Anyway, all three of these women are beautiful and smart AND there’s, like, a plot to this movie, which makes it fun to watch. The dialogue may have originally be horrific, but the brilliance of these humans probably improved it. It’s easy to enjoy them. I do love Peter Gallagher in this movie. I almost called it a film, but that feels like a bit much.

Go watch it, but I can’t give it 5/5 because it’s a “real” movie and that’s not fair to all of the made for TV movies!

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