A Christmas Visitor (2002)

A grieving family, who have not celebrated Christmas in 11 years since the death of their son on Christmas Eve 1991, renew their faith in the joyful season. When a young hitchhiker turns up and spends the holiday with them, he brings some extraordinary surprises to the family, helping them to make this the most exquisite celebration of their lives.

Come Dance With Me (2012)

Jack is an executive trying to impress his firm’s president in hopes of a promotion; he’s also dating the boss’s daughter. Trying to create the perfect marriage proposal, Jack signs up for dance lessons, but when sparks start to fly with his dance instructor, he will have to make an important decision.

An Evergreen Christmas (2014)

After her father’s unexpected death, a singer becomes torn between pursuing her career and saving her family’s Christmas-tree business in small-town Tennessee.