A Snow Globe Christmas (2013)

TitleA Snow Globe Christmas
Year of Release: 2013
Available On: Hulu Plus (as of 11/15)
Rating: Five out of five Jingle Bells

Image result for A Snow Globe Christmas (2013)

I already love this movie and we’re only 15 minutes in! Thank you, Lifetime.

…Oh, I think I tried to cancel Christmas. –Meg

Things you need to know about this movie:

1. Christina Milian plays an angel named Sal.
2. Donald Faison (Ted) got his teeth redone and they are a little false-y looking, but he plays a super endearing husband. Oh, I love him! Yes, I love him because of Clueless, but he is genuinely great in this movie.
3. Alicia Witt (Meg) is wonderful – you remember her? From Dune? And Urban Legend? And The Mentalist? She is great in this.

Maybe it’s just my mood, but this one hits the spot. It’s well-known by the mere existence of this blog that I am sucker for a holiday story, but this one is a gem! The storyline is interesting and engaging and actually surprised me.

Meg is an over-achieving film producer who wants her cast and crew to work through Christmas on, irony of irony, a Christmas movie they are filming. She meets a mysterious woman named Sal and through a series of events is transported to a magical town – the town inside a snow globe, “everything [she’ll] never have” – where she finds out she has a husband and two kids. Meg can’t stand it when something is that good for her, and so she inadvertently ruins it. Does she get what she wants? Does she get her second chance?

(But probably, yes.)

This so much more wonderful than I expected and I love surprises. I’ve probably built it up too much for you, so just pretend you never read this and go enjoy yourself!

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