A Very Cool Christmas (2004)

TitleA Very Cool Christmas
Year of Release: 2004
Available On: Hulu – December 2017
Rating: 1 out of 5 Jingle Bells

Image result for a very cool christmas

Spoiled brat Lindsay (Brooke Nevin) is having dreams that all her Christmas Chanels are knock-offs. The recurrent nightmare is the worst thing she can imagine happening to her – except for that this year, she is planning to go away with her best friends’ family and she dreads telling her parents that she is skipping the family festivities. Once she finds out her plastic-faced crush, Anderson (Ryan McDonell) – seriously how is this guy’s face like this before airbrushing? – is also going skiing for Christmas, she decides she absolutely has to go. Her approach is business-y, but it falls flat.

Honestly, everything about this movie is pretty stupid and flat. The production is low, the acting is truly awful. (These people are almost all still working actors, so that’s good for them and kind of a miracle.) Anyway, skip this one. Watch a true classic, this one falls flat.


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