Christmas in the City (2013)

TitleChristmas In the City
Year of Release: 2013
Available On: Netflix, November 2017
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Jingle Bells

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Pretty good music! I love music! Which makes sense since the villain in this movie is played by the one and only Ashanti.

Wendy Carroll (Ashley Williams) and her six-year-old daughter Grace (Kylie Price) live in a small town where Christmas is everywhere. She gets a foreclosure notice three weeks before Christmas on her father’s candy store which she has been running since his death. To make some extra money in order to save the store, Wendy and Grace travel to the big city, where they stay with Wendy’s friend Angie (Shanola Hampton) from back home. Angie works at Wolman’s – the city’s largest department store – where she takes Wendy to apply for a temp job. While waiting for Angie to check in, Wendy meets Tom (Jon Prescott), who offers her a job in the toy department. She thinks the store is amazing, with all the Christmas holiday cheer; unfortunately her excitement doesn’t last long when the store’s manager, Teanna (Ashanti), destroys the Christmas spirit throughout the store and replaces Santa (Michael Durrell) with a hunky male underwear model surrounded by elfin “babes.”

What Teanna doesn’t know is that she sacked the real Santa. Unaware of his real “Santa” status, Wendy reaches out to the old man, but it seems even he has given up hope. With her daughter losing faith in the holiday, Wendy realizes she must bring the true meaning of Christmas back to Wolman’s before it is too late.

1. No one thinks naked people = Christmas. Not even Teanna. How is that going to boost your sales? C’mon.
2. “The City” they live in doesn’t appreciate Christmas, only small towns? C’mon. As a Christmas-loving urbanite, I’m personally offended.
3. It’s not romantic to ignore what a woman says she wants and do exactly the opposite because it’s what you think she should want. TOM.
4. I loved the little moment where Angie was sitting drowning her tears in ice cream and the movie on the TV was Christmas Crush.

Anyway, obviously Christmas gets saved. I’m also grateful to this movie for helping me to find these reviews.

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